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Office Management

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Timing and Duration

Course Duration 3 Months
Group Schedule TBA (To Be Assigned)
Each Class Duration 4-5 Hours
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Office Management

Course Description
This course will provide the student with all the knowledge required regarding the high quality secretarial performance in organizations. This course will include secretarial procedures, developing an effective personality and positive job attitude, becoming part of an office team, reception work, incoming mail/outgoing mail, telephonic techniques, filing systems and records management. This would also include knowledge in business correspondence, time management skills, customer services, dealing with complaints, work relationships, leadership roles, team membership, problem solving skills, and the use of technology.
Office Management is a comprehensive intensive course providing the students with all the skills and techniques necessary to perform the tasks in an office environment professionally and effectively.

Course Index

Course Contents

* Secretarial Procedures
* Office Etiquette & Customer Services
* Dealing With Complaints
* Business Correspondence
* Telephonic Techniques & Meetings Arrangement
* Filing System & Record Management
* Travel Arrangements
* Job Interview Workshops
* Communication Skills
* Leadership Skills & Personality Development
* Business Proposal and Presentation
  • Course Outline


    1. Principles of Management
      • Introduction
      • Importance of Management
      • 14 Principles of Management
      • Functions of Management
        • Planning
        • Organizing
        • Staffing
        • Leading
        • Controlling
        • Maintaining


    1. Financial Management
      • Introduction and Definition
      • Importance and Functions
        • Income Statement
        • Profit and Loss Analysis
        • Balance Sheet
        • Inventory System (Excel Program)
        • Cash Flows


    1. Office Management and Secretarial Skills

     3.1 Introduction

    3.2 Definition and Functions

    3.3 Management Skills

    3.4 Secretarial Skills

    3.4.1 Secretary defined

    3.4.2 Personal Qualities of Secretary/Office Professional

    3.4.3 Roles of Secretary in Organization

    3.4.4 Working with the Boss

    3.5 Secretarial Functions

    3.6 Office Manners and Etiquette

    1.   Office Professional in Organization

    4.1 Organization Defined

    4.2 Organizational Chart

    4.3 Roles of Secretary in Organization

    4.4 Telephonic Skills, Techniques and Etiquettes


    1. Customer Services

    5.1 Introduction to Customer Service

    5.2 Kinds of Customers

    5.2 Aspects of Effective Customer Service

    5.3 Elements of Customer Service

    5.4 Steps to Quality customer service

    5.5 Projecting the Right Attitude towards customers

    5.6 Dealing with customers

    5.7 Types of Difficult Customers

    5.8 Proper approaches to Difficult Customers

    5.9 Steps in Handling Customer Complaints

    5.10 Handling Customer complaints over the Phone

    5.11 Dimensions of Customer Service over the Phone

    5.12 Detailed Tips in Dealing with Customer Complaints

    1. Time Management

    6.1 Introduction to Time Management

    6.2 Importance or benefits of Time Management

    6.3 Obstacles to Effective Time management

    6.4 How to overcome the Obstacles

    6.5 Ways to manage time

    6.6 Ways to plan your time

    6.7 Prioritizing time

    6.8 Importance vs. Urgency in Planning

    6.9 Diary System

    6.10 Time Stealers

    6.11 Combating Procrastination

    6.12 Time Management Tools

    6.13 Time Management Plan

    1. Business Correspondence

    7.1 Correspondences

    7.2 Types of Correspondence

    7.3 Commonly prepared correspondences

    7.4 Components of Business letters

    7.5 Business Letters Formats and Layouts

    7.6 Key Aspects in Letter Writing

    7.7 Good Opening and Closing Lines in Business Letters

    7.8 Word Choice in Business Letters

    7.9 Tips in Preparing Correspondences

    7.10 Business Letters Transitions

    7.11 Classifications of Transitions

    7.12 Subject-Verb Agreement

    1. Meeting Arrangement

    8.1 Meeting Define

    8.2 Types of Meeting

    8.3 Resources needed in arranging a Meeting

    8.4 Steps in Meeting Arrangement

    8.5 Notice of the Meeting

    8.6 Agenda of the Meeting

    8.7 Minutes of the Meeting

    8.8 Roles of Secretary in the meeting

    1. Travel Arrangement

    9.1 Introduction to Travel Arrangements

    9.2 Roles and Responsibilities of Secretary

    9.3 Factors to Consider in Travel Arrangements

    9.4 Resources to Prepare in Travel Arrangement

    9.5 Checklist in Travel Arrangement

    9.6 Online Booking

    1. Communication

    10.1 Definition and Description of Communication

    10.2 Importance of Positive Communication Skills

    10.2.1 Communication Process

    10.2.2 Communication Barriers

    10.2.3 Ways to overcome Barriers

    10.3 Internal Communication

    10.4 Communication with immediate superior

    10.4.1 Accepting feedback

    10.4.2 Explaining problem with supervisor

    10.5 Communication with Co worker

    10.6 Listening Ability

    10.6.1 Good Listener

    10.6.2 Poor Listener

    10.7 Tips in Professional way of dealing with the boss and colleagues

    10.8 APTIS Test Review


    1. Records Management and Filing System

    11.1 Effective Records Management Techniques

    11.2 Mastering Filing System

    11.3 Filing Organization Tips for Fast Office Filing

    11.4 Management Basics for Electronic Files

    1. Microsoft Outlook

    12.1 Configuring Microsoft Outlook

    12.2 Microsoft Outlook vs. Outlook Express

    12.3 Setting up an Email Accounts

    12.4 Managing Mails, Contacts, Schedules,

    12.5 Utilizing the different features and options in Microsoft Outlook

    1. English Enhancement

    13.1 Subject Verb Agreement

    13.2 Punctuation Rules

    1. 3. Component Techniques

    13.3.1 Reading

    13.3.2 Writing

    13.3.3 Listening

    13.3.4 Speaking


    1. Final Requirement

                        – Business Proposal Presentation and defense


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