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Graphics Designing

Learn by Professional
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Timing and Duration

Course Duration 3 Months
Flexible Schedule 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Each Class Duration 2-3 Hours
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Graphics Designing

Course Description

Graphics Designing Professional is a highly in demand course that will help the students to create an effective message in the form of Logos, Brochures, Business Cards, Newsletters, Posters, Magazines and any other types of visual communication. By the end of this course, students will be able to create Design layouts, Flyers, Logos, Business Cards or any other Publication Designs.
Students will learn how to utilize softwares like Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and Corel Draw.

Course Index

Course Contents

* Adobe Photoshop
* Adobe Illustrator
* CorelDRAW
* InDesign
* Logo Designing
* 3D Flyer Designing
* Business Card Designing
  • Course Outline


    Exercise 1: Opening Photoshop
    Exercise 2: Photoshop Interface
    Exercise 3: Working with Move Tool and Aligning objects
    Exercise 4: Working with layers
    Exercise 5: Rectangular Marquee tool
    Exercise 6: Using Crop tool
    Exercise 7: Resizing Images
    Exercise 8: Polygonal Lasso Tool
    Exercise 9: Content-Aware and using Selection Tool
    Exercise 10: Working with brightness
    Exercise 11: Color Replacement
    Exercise 12: Using Magic and working with Hue Saturation
    Exercise 13: Clone stamp Tool
    Exercise 14: Copy, Cut and Paste
    Exercise 15: Find and Replace
    Exercise 16: Working with Patch tool
    Exercise 17: Using Healing Brush
    Exercise 18: Using Eraser Tool
    Exercise 19: Working with exposure
    Exercise 20: Using match color
    Exercise 21: Working with text color
    Exercise 22: Making greeting card
    Exercise 23: Text on path
    Exercise 24:  Type mask tool
    Exercise 25: Working with styles
    Exercise 26: Fire Effect
    Exercise 27: Rainbow effect
    Exercise 28: Puppet warp
    Exercise 29: Create advertisement

    Corel Draw

    Exercise 1: Opening Corel draw
    Exercise 2: Corel draw Interface
    Exercise 3: Understanding basics
    Exercise 4: Working with layers rectangle tools and editing shapes
    Exercise 5: Samsung logo
    Exercise 6: Creating flyer1
    Exercise 7: Creating flyer2
    Exercise 8: Creating flyer3
    Exercise 9: Using intersect
    Exercise 10: Creating poster 1
    Exercise 11: Creating poster 2
    Exercise 12: Creating poster 3
    Exercise 13: Using combine and break
    Exercise 14: HP LOGO
    Exercise 15: Using Extrude
    Exercise 16: Using artistic effect
    Exercise 17: Creating flyer4
    Exercise 18: Using shapes
    Exercise 19: Using pen tool
    Exercise 20: Using trim option
    Exercise 21: Creating logo
    Exercise 22: Creating 2 folded brochure
    Exercise 23: Creating 3 folded brochure


    Exercise 1: Illustrator Interface
    Exercise 2: Illustrator Workspace
    Exercise 3: Document setup
    Exercise 4: Working with selection
    Exercise 5: Alignment and distribution
    Exercise 6: Shapes and colors
    Exercise 7: Patterns
    Exercise 8: Working with text
    Exercise 9: Wrap effects
    Exercise 10: Applying styles
    Exercise 11: Strokes
    Exercise 12: Multiple strokes
    Exercise 13: Creating art brush
    Exercise 14: Path finder
    Exercise 15: Transformation
    Exercise 16: Clipping mask
    Exercise 17: Mask tool
    Exercise 18: Working with mesh
    Exercise 19: Using pen tool
    Exercise 20: Extrude and revolve
    Exercise 21: Using 3D ROTAION
    Exercise 22: Eraser tool
    Exercise 23: Using Perspective


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